Jackstock- Barrington Theatre

"The headline band was Mike Ball & the Company who I confess to being one of my local favourites. They had a slight change of line-up due to two of their members being unavailable; with Scott Farron stepping in on bass, joining Matt Sawyer on Guitar and Lloyd Whitbread on drums. They surprised everybody by opening with a great choice of cover, Feeder’s “Feeling a Moment” which sounded great in this large hall. The rest of their set is made up of mostly original material that the audience really took on board and seemed to enjoy. Mikey has a real talent for songwriting creating varied tunes that are both infectious and entertaining in equal measure. A perfect headliner and a great end to a fantastic evening of music"

- David Chinery (Rock Regeneration)

Read in full at - http://www.rockregeneration.co.uk/wordpress/2016/11/jackstock/

Photos from David Chinery Rock Regneration


Mikey Ball